Esther Miller, cycling with her three kids.

Nottingham cyclists have criticised the governments “poor communication” on new updates to the Highway Code.

The changes, set to be introduced on January 29, will see cyclists encouraged to make themselves more visible.

Residents, however, have spoken of their frustration due to the lack of clarification.

Esther Miller, 36, from Beeston, mostly cycles with her three children and said: “A campaign which clearly explained the changes would be great…”

She added: “I think it’s good to also imagine a child as the pedestrian or cyclist and that helps really show why the drivers bear a greater responsibility.”

One misconception is that cyclists will be ‘riding in the middle of the road’, when guidance says those riding bikes should use the middle of the lane on certain occasions.

Situations include approaching junctions or on narrow sections of roads where a vehicle overtaking may be dangerous.

Andrea Godbold labelled the update as “a positive step forward to safer cycling” but stressed “the lack of knowledge of the change will be causing chaos.”

Mark Beaven, chair of Pedals, Nottingham Cycle Campaign said: “The Government should definitely put out public information broadcasts to promote cycling and the new Highway Code.

He added: “I think will affect Nottingham cyclists for better and worse… because it will give cyclists more legal protection but some drivers won’t be aware of the new road positioning.

Mr Beaven was not alone in sharing concerns for the new Highway Code.

David Alexander: “It is another law which will not be enforced because the government haven’t publicised it.”

Steve Wadey said: “There’s no point changing the rules and guidance if it isn’t widely publicised and explained.

He added: “What should be good news for cyclists and other vulnerable road users has been overshadowed by poor communication.”