Great Skate are working in the Nottingham community to teach people skateboarding and improve their physical and mental health.

The company goes into primary schools across Nottingham and offers a range of skateboarding sessions for their students.

Great Skate provides one-day experiences to half-term programmes for students in P.E lessons or after school clubs.

The sessions offer a unique opportunity for children to take part in a different type of sport but still enjoy themselves.

Founder of Great Skate, Jo Wardle, said: “I am passionate about giving children and young people the best possible start so that they can go on to have successful, fulfilled and happy lives.

“I’ve been a teacher for over 15 years and I’m using all those years of experience to create exciting opportunities for young people to experience the absolute joy that is skateboarding.

“I really enjoy getting my students on the edge of their seats and I have a reputation of being the exciting, funny, storytelling, skateboarding teacher.”

Great Skate also runs two skate schools in Nottingham, one based in Bilborough and the other in Sherwood.

The sessions are run out of local community centres, offering sessions from children aged seven to adults.

The participants are taught new skills and given the chance to experiment within the sport, all while having fun with others in their local community.

Wardle added: “I am always excited to go along with my students on their learning journey and make new discoveries together.

“I truly believe that skateboarding and its culture are wonderful and will open new ideas and opportunities for those who get to experience it.

“It is a joy and way to find happiness and I want to share that with as many people as I can.”

Wardle personally offers one-to-one sessions as well as parties, giving her students the chance to develop their skills further and have fun.

Skateboarding has great health benefits, with it working all muscle groups and the average participant burning around 600 calories per hour.

With most of Great Skate’s students being beginners, it is also a great way to build their confidence and mental toughness.

Wardle also said: “As a qualified teacher, I have over 15 years experience working in Education, and can get the best from the young people I work with.

“Ultimately, I want to make the world a happier, kinder and healthier place to be.

“As they say in skateboarding, I like to build the stoke and watch the lightbulbs going off left, right and centre and see the enormous grins as participants leave thinking – ‘I can’t believe I just did that, but I did!’”