With valentines just around the corner, February has a lot in stock for us with new love stories, thrilling romances and heart pounding intimacy to read. If your stuck on where to start here is the top five reads for next month.

1.) Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy 

This new adult romance is something of an excitement for the people who have read her previous Off Campus series and are now ready to jump into some more of her writing.

For those who have not read her previous work, be ready for a thrilling romance that makes the hairs on your arms stand and shivers that are sent down your spine.

This new romance is of a young adult eager please and well-focused on her internet business which she must study hard for to get into her ideal college but the local ‘bad boy’ Cooper Hartley tests her abilities to stay focused.

Who should Mackenzie Cabot choose, her good for her boyfriend, Mac, or someone that offers a bit of excitement and uncertainty?

Release date: February 1

2.) Group Therapy by BB Easton

This book is not your ordinary romance, as they meet in the most unusual circumstances.

She’s training to be a psychologist and she is so close to achieving this dream but her supervisor is holding out from writing her a recommendation.

She is met with a new task to cure their most important client from his writers block in time for him to meet his insane deadline, he is the most intelligent, clever and not to mention good looking British-selling author.

When he asks her out she is in shock and is no position to say no but does she risk losing her job, losing the future she has looked forward to so much.

Release date: February 1

3.) The Plan by Karla Sorensen

This is the story of why you don’t fake date anyone, especially when they’re Erik Wilder.

He is obnoxious, he’s a former football player, dark eyed know it all but he is absolutely irresistible.

Fake dating starts to feel more real and when it’s obvious how well your personalities are suited, why would you put an end to that?

It seems that this fake dating might be taken too far.

Will she be the one to break down his walls?

Release date: February 9

4.) The player hater by Sara Ney 

Her best friend accidently set her up with her boyfriends best mate.

This first person romance novel is about a getaway weekend trip to meet her best friends boyfriend to make sure she approves and to check he’s good enough, but he also brings a friend.

Davis is also handsome, kind, and funny but with her luck there must be something wrong or something he’s hiding.

Follow their love stories with this new romantic novel.

Release date: February 15

5.) Count your lucky stars by Alexandria Bellefleur 

Margot Cooper is against relationships but when her childhood friend and first love, Olivia Grant, comes back into contact she isn’t so sure she wants to put off relationships anymore.

Did the one that got away come back?

Is this her second chance?

Olivia is left without a place to stay after things don’t go quite her way so Margot offers her a roof over her head and a bed to sleep in, this means spending some close and personal time together.

Release date: February 1