Collection of graffiti's spread around the city of Nottingham

Following up the Twitter posts by councillors recent released news story surrounding Castle Marina and Crown Island underpass vandalism, people felt compelled to share pictures of graffiti around Nottingham.

Rob Mabbott, a Nottingham resident who opened up about the current graffiti in town said: “I repeatedly report these to the council, telecoms, water, electricity and gas companies.

“Councils should be spending money not on removing graffiti but on improved services to the citizens of Nottingham. I would support designated areas – maybe skate parks for an example where those who want to exhibit their tagging skills, can do so.

“The police and community protection officers within the councils appear to be doing very little – it is viewed as a victimless crime and therefore low priority.”

“It makes it feel that we’re living in ghetto’s with taggers “marking their territory. for things like drug dealing.”


The recent photos of the vandalism in town show different targets from bins, properties, road signs and walls.

Electricity sub-station


Electrical meter box vandalised in Nottingham’s neighbourhood


Nottingham vandalised bins in family neighbourhood]

More bins

Nottingham vandalised bins in family neighbourhood

Park buildings

Properties, buildings and businesses premises being graffitied around town

More park buildings

Properties, buildings and businesses premises being graffitied around town

Public signs

Signs and schools premises covered in graffities

The council graffiti cleaning team has been taking action in the public spaces when possible, however with the amount of vandalism that has happened recently it is impossible to reach everywhere.

Early this morning, the council graffiti cleaning team was cleaning a graffitied wall in Waverley Street near Nottingham Trent University.

Thank you

Nottingham Council graffiti cleaning team early this morning


To find out more about the vandalised NHS mural in Crown Island underpass click below:

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