Vandalised NHS mural in Crown Island, Nottingham

The NHS ‘thank you’ mural for Nottingham’s key workers in the Crown Island underpass has been graffitied.

The NHS mural was painted last year by local schools and Nottingham residents and the public shares pictures and their thoughts on how disappointing it is vandalism in the community.

There’s a current explosion of graffiti on street furniture, public spaces, business premises and people’s property that concerns councillors about police action. 


Vandalised NHS mural in Crown Island underpass, Nottingham

The underpass is on the ring road route connecting QMC and City Hospital and was often used by key workers to walk and cycle during the pandemic.

Councillor Steve Battlemuch said: “I’m saddened that the lovely artwork that the Council installed in the underpass in conjunction with the local school has been vandalised. The Council will do all it can to repair it.

“We wanted to make the underpass a more pleasant place for people who use it to avoid the busy crossing at Crown Island. The graffiti now makes the original artwork look a real mess.

“I hope we can fix it and in time the people who did this can reflect on what they did and realise it added no value to what was a lovely piece of artwork.”


Vandalised NHS mural in Crown Island underpass, Nottingham

Councillor Sam Webster believes that in terms of the vandalism issue and its prevention, police should tackle graffiti as a problem by putting more resources in place.

Mr Webster said: “The council takes action all the time, they have a graffiti cleaning team for public spaces. 

“Catching offenders is a very expensive problem for the council and property owners, it’s quite distressing and the police should take it more seriously.”

In addition to this, graffiti was covered with paint today in Castle Marina by Andy from the Council graffiti team.

The Nottinghamshire Police has been contacted although there was no response or statement on behalf of the police in regards to tackling this spike in vandalism across Nottingham.