£100,000 Audi seized by police. (Photo credits: Canning Circus Police)

An Audi valued at £100,000 has been retained by the police after being caught driving in an anti-social manner.

Police officers were out in Radford & Lenton when they caught a bright yellow Audi R8 Spyder driving recklessly.

The car sped past officers, loudly revved its engine, swerved in and out of traffic, and aggressively accelerated away from junctions, said Canning Circus Police on their Facebook page.

The person driving had been issued a notice for the Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002 – which states that if a motor vehicle is being driven on a road or other public place and is likely to cause alarm, distress, or annoyance to members of the public then the vehicle and driver of that vehicle can be issued a notice.

Due to the notice being issued previously, police officers were able to seize the car from the driver.