Holly Hoyland, who has trained in short-track speed skating since the age of 8

A young Nottinghamshire girl has raised over £2000 to be able to compete at the Winter Olympics.

Holly Hoyland, 20, is an accomplished short-track speed skater, who has claimed the Junior British 500m record and qualified for many international events.

The young athlete, from Mapperley, said: “I wasn’t expecting to get so much money from the GoFundMe.

“I’m grateful that they’ve given me the opportunity to do what I love.”

However, Holly needs £18,000 to be able to achieve her dream of competing at the Olympics.

While there’s still a long road ahead of her, she is optimistic.

“My hopes are to make the games and skate for Great Britain.

“I’m not sure how long that’s going to take, but I’m sure we’ll get there.”

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