Photo credit: Unsplash/Katt Yukawa

Christmas is a time of giving and thankfully there are ways we can contribute to the less fortunate this season.

Not all children are lucky enough to get the presents they want for Christmas, but there are charities that help put a smile on many of their faces.

Each year Nottingham City Council work with businesses in the area to give vulnerable children a better Christmas.

The charity event supports children and families who’ve experienced neglect or abuse which has been worsened due to Covid-19.

For those able to contribute this year, Nottingham City Council’s official Twitter has a link to an Amazon Wishlist – gifts starting from just over £1.

If you’re looking to help an underprivileged child this year, note that orders need to be placed by 17 December.

Another charity event to support is on Tuesday December 7, where Nottingham Trent’s Student Union will be hosting a charity shoebox event.

The £5 ticket entry cost will cover the price of everything to go in the shoe boxes as well as decorating them.

Proceeds go to the Nottingham Women’s Centre which provide support for all self-identifying women to gain confidence and skills to become more independent.

The centre offers services to women with mental health needs, women offenders and women who are seeking asylum, facing extreme poverty or escaping abuse.

If you’re a fan of rock and a giving soul, ‘Grifftmas’ is the perfect way to help the less fortunate this festive season.

Taking place at the Victory Club in Beeston, Nottingham on Friday December 17, Grifftmas is a rock concert fundraiser.

The proceeds go to charity, which is yet to be decided, but tickets cost £10 and make for a perfect night out with friends, all whilst being charitable.