Finding a good area to live can be a huge worry

Finding housing for your next year of university can be an extremely challenging task.

It is one of the first daunting tasks of adulthood that students make and the pressures can be overwhelming.

First year students have the struggle of sorting who they will live with the following year, despite only knowing their flatmates and coursemates for a few months.

As well as this, the area and your budget are all things running through your mind as students also tackle assignments, exams and everyday life.

Nottingham Trent student Susan George, 19, said: “For some people like me at the moment, we haven’t made a proper group of friends yet.

“It’s quite stressful especially choosing a good agency, the contract and terms and conditions are a completely new world and a big responsibility for a 19-year-old.”

It could be argued that a lack of guidance in relation to searching for appropriate housing isn’t available.

Schools may fail to teach students on the tips of finding the best houses and how to pay bills.

There will be many people who have found they rushed into their housing due to the worry of not finding anywhere to live and are now anxious with the people they are with.

On an Instagram poll with Nottingham Trent students – 80% of respondents said they thought finding applicable student housing was a struggle.

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