Henry Brian showing his gratitude by performing the prayer.

A 33-year-old former Christian is eager for his “new adventure” after converting to Islam at the age of 33.

Henry Brian completed his conversion to Islam in a local Hyson Green mosque on Thursday 2nd December at 3pm.

He moved from Edinburgh to England in 2009 and as a PhD student in religious studies he has developed a great interest in Islam that prompted him to convert.

Following the completion of the conversion, Henry was grateful and overwhelmed by the entire occasion.

“I am so grateful to Allah for giving me this opportunity to become a Muslim in the presence of my family and friends; it was an unforgettable day for me.

“I just felt attracted to Islam and noticed that Muslims appeared more content than the other people I came across, it was a steady process around about ten years, and it just materialised.”

Henry Brian peacefully holding the Quran

The ceremony took place at the Jamia Mosque in Hyson Green, with eight people, including two witnesses and a leading Muslim scholar, present at the ceremony.

After the late afternoon prayer, the declaration of faith completed the conversion.

The Muslim Scholar said: “Islam is a beautiful religion that preaches and emphasises equality, peace, and compassion.

“There have been a high number of Islamic conversions in the past six months; I consider myself fortunate to have commanded Mr Brian’s transformation into becoming one.”

The decision to convert came as a shock to friends and family of Henry. Although his family were all delighted, he did lose some friends along the way.

Katie Shaw, 24 and the younger sister of  Henry, said: “I am still in shock with what has transpired, but I’m eager for the new adventure that lies ahead”

Emily Shaw, 63 and Henry’s mother, said: “It’s the most important day in our family’s history and the dawning of a new time, and I hope Henry does not regret his decision but has the complete backing of myself and the rest of the family.”