A selection of lagers at a local pub

Nottingham bar staff speak out on the effectiveness of the “Stella please” campaign

Lager brand Stella has recently started up a campaign called “Stella please” in bids to change the way people treat hospitality staff.

Drinkers can now get £1 off their pint of lager by using good manners to order their drink, and using the term “can i have a Stella please” in return money will be taken off the pint.

For each pint ordered, Stella Artois will donate to Hospitality Action to support hospitality over the busier Christmas period.

Nottingham has started to see the rise in this campaign with top chef Marco Pierre teaming up with the lager brand to spread awareness and implement the campaign into his Nottingham restaurant.

“Stella’s idea won’t affect the way people treat bar staff and waitresses”

Chance Holmes, Bartender at cocotang

Bartender at Cocotang Chance Holmes, 19, commented on the campaign saying “I’m glad awareness is starting to spread regarding the way hospitality staff are treated, however I think Stella’s idea won’t affect the way people treat bar staff and waitresses.”

She added: “It almost seems like a ploy from Stella to gain more publicity and advertising than to raise awareness for staff getting mistreated in the hospitality industry.”