Nottingham City Transport is urging all customers to wear a face covering when travelling, in line with the new Covid guidelines

Mandatory face coverings have been reinforced on public transport and in shops in response to concerns over the new Omicron Covid variant.

Out of the 336 Omicron cases confirmed in the UK as of Monday, December 6, 261 have been reported in England, according to UKHSA.

One of the first two people infected with the new variant was confirmed to be a University of Nottingham student.

But have the people of Nottingham been respecting the new guidelines regarding the wearing of face masks on public transport?

A survey conducted by CBJ News revealed that over 70 per cent of people have been adhering to the new measures.

Cherise Richardson said in a Facebook comment: “I have been wearing it [face covering] since this all began and haven’t stopped.”

Daisy Crook added: “I never stopped wearing a mask in shops and on public transport.”

Six people (four per cent) have said that they have been avoiding public transport altogether because of the virus, while 15 of them (10 per cent) have revealed that they have never stopped wearing masks.

However, 20 out of the 150 people surveyed have confessed about not wearing face coverings, despite the new guidelines which aim to combat the spread of the new Omicron strain.

Nottingham Express Transit is asking people who are not exempt to adhere to the new restrictions

A statement form Nottingham Express Transit (NET) said: “Throughout the pandemic we have followed all government Covid guidance and continue to do so.

“In line with the reintroduction of rules on wearing face coverings on all public transport, we urge all customers who aren’t exempt to comply with this requirement and help to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus variant.”