Nottingham's Winter Wonderland is open until December 31

As Winter Wonderland opened again this year after the lockdown it is impossible to avoid it

especially when the smell of delicious food is all over the Old Market Square.

Here are the best food stalls you can find and enjoy during your Christmas crawl.

1. The Gourmet Burger

Who doesn’t like a nice juicy burger freshly made in front of their eyes?

This place offers a very interesting variety of meats to choose from including wild boar.

Doesn’t it sound more like a restaurant option?

It tastes like one.

It is located at the market entrance from the Primark side.


2. The Old Windmill Grill

This one is really easy to spot as it is a big Windmill shaped building.

It catches the attention with a huge grill located right in the middle of it with all the different sausages being cooked right in front of you.

The sizes of the hotdogs are gigantic and it will certainly fill you up and leave you satisfied.

The service will leave you very happy as well as the staff are very jolly and helpful if you’re indecisive.

3. The Filthy Vegan

This stall is perfect for those who have made the choice of not consuming meat.

It has the main tasty options that everyone loves but meatless and they taste amazing.

A great selection and welcoming staff is all you need and they do provide it.

4. Churros

After having some heavy main courses a lot of people crave something sweet.

A great option would be the freshly made churros.

The portion is very big, could probably be enough for two people and is a great end of the night snack on a wintery walk.

Located right at the entrance of the market square (near the fountains).

5. Crepes

If churros are not your cup of tea you should get some delicious filled crepes.

There are a lot of different options and you can also mix and match your own fillings.

They melt in your mouth and it all feels like a very nice dream.

You won’t miss the place as it’s all pink and stands out from others quite well.

Located in front of the Ferris Wheel.

Additional – Apres Ski Bar and Bar

If you want to get any drinks (both soft and alcoholic) there are two bars that will cater to your need and warm you up.

Apres Ski Bar has live music!