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New national figures have shown the demand for workers is higher now than pre-Covid. 

But a Nottingham retail analyst has warned this is not “necessarily the case in Nottinghamshire”, with physical retail unlikely to return to levels seen before the pandemic.

Office for National Statistics data shows 160,000 more workers have been added to the payroll in October 2021 compared with the previous month.

An industry that has been hard hit by a lack of staff in Nottingham is the retail market, however, with supermarkets in a desperate search for staff ahead of Christmas.

It comes as more people adapt to the ability to work from home, with Nelson Blackley, a Nottingham retail expert, also warning of a shift to online.

He said: “Physical retail is unlikely to return to its original level and that employment is not necessarily on the rise in Nottinghamshire.

“Over the past five years, many retailers, including those in Nottinghamshire have closed lots of their stores.

“This is because of increased costs, increasing competition and the shift to buying online.”

Many retail workers have been forced out of jobs due to the store closures and have been made to even change their line of industry, he says.

“employment is not necessarily on the rise”

Nelson blackley

He added: “Ex retail workers will have to retrain or change careers.

“Hopefully their experience and skillsets will all help them find rewarding and interesting new jobs.”

As the physical retail industry declines, however, the hospitality industry is attracting more attention.

Bar worker, Kai Harris, 34, at Lillie Langtrys, Nottingham, says the business is having no trouble finding staff.

“We are finding it easier to get staff, lots of people have been coming in wanting jobs,” he said.

“There are definitely more applications now than before Covid was around.

“A lot of people have been made redundant or moved on from jobs in their industries, so everyone is looking for a job.”

Lillie Langtrys have received so many applications, he adds, that they are no longer taking CV’s from walk in applicants.

This comes after the governments furlough scheme ended on Saturday, September 30.

Work is available for those wanting a job – but they may have to settle for working in an industry they are less familiar with.

To find work visit Nottingham Central Jobcentre on Upper Parliament Street or call them on 0800 169 0190.