Vision for Broadmarsh shopping centre.

Nottingham’s Broadmarsh shopping centre has unveiled its masterplan which could create 6,000 new jobs for the area but will not be completed until 2031.

Shopping centre bosses said the “once in many generation” opportunity is a great chance for Nottingham to be a the top spot for city centre regeneration since the impact of Covid-19.

The new vision has a proposed development which include a vast amount of green space which is aiming to provide 6,000 jobs, more than 400,000sqft of commercial and business space as well as 750 new homes.

The plan aims to respect and promote the city’s heritage though opening views of Nottingham Castle enhancing the cave network and re-establishing old street patterns.

Design for Nottingham Caves

Architect Thomas Heatherwick said: “In the fog of Covid-19, Nottingham has seized the opportunity to create a new blueprint for the future of city centres”

At the start of the pandemic Broadmarsh shopping centre was given back to Nottingham City Council after Intu went into administration.

The council set up an Independent Advisory Group to help develop the Big Conversation consultation. Heatherwick Studio, led by Thomas Heatherwick, were commissioned to work alongside the Advisory Group on the creative vision for the city centre and help discuss how Nottingham can deliver the project.

Given the size, position and scale of the site it will offer social and economic opportunities to Nottingham on an unprecedented as well as historic scale, the Advisory Group believes.

Nottingham City Council is supporting the vision and has asked the group to continue its plans on setting up the projects delivery plans in March 2022.

Independent Chair of the Greater Broad Marsh Advisory Group, Greg Nugent said: “Out of the adversity of the collapse of Intu comes a chance for Nottingham to build a new kind of city centre.

“Thomas Heatherwick’s vision creates a blueprint for a city that wants to reinvent itself, ready for life beyond Covid-19.”

Councillor David Mellen, leader of Nottingham City Council, said: “[this plan] includes a substantial green space via a ‘green heart’ at the centre of the vision.

“It will lead to over 750 homes and 6,000 jobs for local people. By proposing to make some use of the existing frame, reducing the waste and carbon emissions from new construction, it is sustainable, something which is very important for the city’s ambition to be the UK’s first carbon neutral city by 2028.

The link to the video of Broadmarsh shopping centre plans is below:
Broadmarsh shopping centre unveils its masterplan