Drug crackdown to begin

Nottingham students have responded to a new 10-year “crackdown” on drug-related crime due to be announced by the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson’s new policy, to be unveiled on Sunday (December 12), will target university students across the country.

It comes after a Student Organising For Sustainability study found 85 per cent of students are believed to take drugs.

Following hearing about this statistic, students in the city gave their thoughts about the drug crackdown.

“It’s a problem that has always been here and it’s got even worse recently,” said Rachel, a receptionist at Nottingham Trent Student Union.

“The university is trying to do a fair bit, I think the societies are doing a fair bit as well.”

When asked about whether the punishments for carrying Class A drugs were fair, Chloe, fellow receptionist said: “It is the law, you’re not supposed to carry drugs.

“I’m not sure they should be taking passports though, what if you weren’t from here and you couldn’t get home?”

Second year student Phillipo disagreed, however, saying: “I don’t think you should be punished for carrying drugs.”

But student union receptionist Rachel said its up to debate whether the crackdown will be a success.

“People will get scared but people can hide things very well and you can’t check everyone,” she said.

“If you really want to do it you will find a way.”

It is reported those caught possessing illegal drugs could face having their passport and driving licence taken off them.

The Prime Minister told the Telegraph: “We’re not going to sit idly by when we have lifestyle users also using Class A drugs.”