Listening Bench at Lister Gate, Nottingham

A Nottingham-born actress has launched a listening bench in her hometown as part of a national campaign to tackle loneliness.

Line of Duty star Vicky McClure has designed one of six benches that have been unveiled in cities across the UK as part of the 1 Million Minutes campaign.

Each bench has been designed by a different celebrity with Nottingham’s one located at Lister Gate, in the city centre.

“When all’s said and done what matters most is being there for people. Family, friend, colleague or stranger.”

Vicky Mcclure, bench designer

The campaign, launched by Good Morning Britain, has received a record 85 million pledges to help end loneliness this year.

McClure, who also starred in This is England, designed Nottingham’s listening bench which was unveiled this morning.

She said: “I feel very lucky to have been asked to get involved in this campaign.

“When all’s said and done what matters most is being there for people.

“Family, friend, colleague or stranger.”


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The campaign, now in its sixth consecutive year, works with Alzheimer’s Society, Grief Encounter, Crisis, Re-engage, Chatty Café Scheme and more.

Good Morning Britain said: “With almost a quarter of a billion minutes donated to charities connecting those who feel lonely.

“It has never been more important for us to talk about feeling lonely, especially after the acute isolation that lockdown has caused millions of people across the world.”

The other five benches are located at; Newtownards Road in Belfast, Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre, Peadscod Street in Windsor, West Parliament Square in Edinburgh and Bedford Street in Exeter.

Speaking on GMB this morning, McClure said: “Everybody is frightened, fear is a really powerful emotion and when you’re feeling fearful to share it is usually what can combat it.”

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