Lola, 7, who was rescued from Bramcote Animal Rescue

An animal rescue centre has appealed for help in feeding and finding homes for abandoned pets this Christmas as they fall under financial pressure.

Bramcote Animal Rescue, on Ash Tree Square, Bramcote Village, is a donation only no kill animal rescue that takes unwanted animals from the public, councils, dog wardens, pet shops and other public services.

The rescue centre has said that they are running “dangerously low” on multiple items that are necessary to run the centre, which takes care of small animals, cats, exotic pets and helps people foster dogs.

Among these items are guinea pig food, which the rescue has said it only has one bag remaining, fresh vegetables for guinea pigs and rabbits, an oil filled radiator for the cattery, turtle food and Forthglade lamb adult wet dog food.

Oberyn, 6, who was rescued with severe anxiety at 6 weeks old

Mrs Laura-Jo Hartley, who has adopted her four cats from the  centre, said: “The rescue does good work. They always do home checks to make sure the homes the pets go to are safe and committed to the animal.”

Laura, 32, continued: “It’s important to help since Bramcote is a cruelty free rescue who doesn’t put cats down unlike some other rescues.”

“Adopt don’t shop. Save a cat.”

Laura-Jo Hartley, 32, Bramcote

“My first pet from Bramcote was a mix breed called Oberyn, who came to us with severe anxiety, and is such an inspiration with the way he came out of his shell after just a month,” Laura added.

The appeal is asking for donations either in person or from their Amazon Wishlist, which is at

Guinea pigs and rabbits both require 10 per cent of their daily diet to be fresh veggies, giving them the vitamins that they can’t create off of their diet of 80 per cent hay and 10 per cent pellets.

New types of vegetable should be introduced slowly to the animals. Some good choices that are low in carbohydrates but high in vitamins are:

  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Coriander
  • Parsley
  • Kale (As an occasional treat for a bunny, more frequent for guinea pigs as they need the vitamin C)
  • Zucchini
  • Spinach (Again, an occasional treat for bunnies)