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Nottingham netball success in bid to become women’s top sport

England Roses lifting Vitality Roses Reunited Series trophy (photo credits: England Netball)

England Roses’ netball team travelled to Nottingham for the two final fixtures over the weekend where they lifted the trophy for the Vitality Roses Reunited Series.

Netball is hoping for a seat at the top spot to become the world number one female sport according to England Netball CEO Fran Connolly, who said she is pushing the organisation’s 10-year Adventure Strategy.

Fran said after the game at the Motorpoint Arena: “World leading for us is about supporting our national team to become recognised and respected as the best female sports team in the world.

“We will support our ambitions by bringing innovation to all the events that we deliver, in new concepts that blend netball with fashion, music and entertainment to attract new audiences to the game.”

This aim is for the future of the sport but is also “linked to the lives of the women and the girls that we support”.

England Netball hopes for a game that is available for everyone regardless of their age, race or ability.

Fran added: “By 2031 it’s our goal to have a true game for life.

“Whether that’s from puberty to pregnancy to menopause, we must do more to support females to stay active and engaged throughout their lives. Moving forward we are going to focus more on children and young people.

“Our ambition through game for life is to lobby for change, to reach children at a younger age, to provide world-class first impressions and to stay relevant to them through their teenage years.”

CBJ Target conducted a poll where 78/102 people agreed that netball could be the leading female sport in the future; just over 76 per cent of people.

England Netball are leading the way with its purpose-led and bold ambitions for the sport, with the Adventure Strategy crucially outlining how the new movement can help netball become more than a sport, trailblazing on and off the court and becoming the number one sport choice for females.

The organisation is a step ahead of other sports with its ambitions, the intentions for netball to be more than just a sport but a movement for helping women.

“We know netball can have a fantastic impact on people’s lives – improving mental health and driving forward physical activity levels are just two of the traditional benefits we are all well-versed in, but the sport can do so much more.

“We aspire to have a leading voice for women and girls and we know by growing the movement, that voice will only be amplified.”