The Shame performing at The Rough Trade, Nottingham

Shame definitely has nothing to be ashamed of after its energetic performance, transforming people into a whirlwind of post-punk paradise. 

The band showed up last Wednesday December 1 at Nottingham’s Rough Trade for an intimate, but passionate concert.

After the 45 minute performance finished, there was an opportunity for the band to sign the CDs that came with the ticket with the opportunity to have a chat with the group.

The audience was thrilled to hear their beloved band performing their new album Drunk Tank Pink for the first time in the city.

The band seemed very pleased with their performance and reception of their Nottingham audience.

Charlie Steen, frontman of shame explained: “It was fantastic, we love Nottingham.

“The crowd was so great, especially for a Wednesday night!”

When asked about their last album, the guys already mentioned the next one they are working on right now.

Sean Coyle-Smith added: “We are very happy about this album, but the next one is coming soon enough.”

Rough Trade was very excited to host such a popular band like Shame.

Their space is limited and it is a great opportunity to host an event like this with such a large fan base.

Lucy Hepke, an event supervisor at Rough Trade, shared why it means so much that bands like Shame decide to perform at the venue.

“Shame is such a popular name in the music industry, and the fact that they are playing here, at Rough Trade is really exciting.

“It’s quite niche to see someone like them performing in such an intimate gig environment.”

Shame chose to play their most famous hits like This Side of the Sun as well as their newest releases from their new album, including Water in the Well.

The Shame meet and greet merchandise

The energy inside the venue was electric, with the bands top hits been sung at the top of everyone’s voices.

Emotions did not subside after the concert which resulted in a personal meet and greet.

You can check out the rest of Shame’s repertoire on their Spotify page – which has reached over 270,000 listeners – Spotify – shame.

From now on, every Rough Trade shop requires a PCR / lateral Covid test and requires showing evidence of a double vaccine to be let into an event.