Zero Waste, Sustainable shop in Friar Lane

This year, many of us are aiming to be more sustainable and more environmentally conscious when Christmas shopping, this gift guide is made up of eco-friendly gifts to buy in Nottingham for every member of the family.

After the recent COP26 conference, it also draws attention to the very relevant topic of climate change.

This also highlights the importance of shopping locally and supporting the independently owned business’ in Nottingham.

For the little ones, these sustainable options are great choices for first Christmas presents.

From ‘Handmade’ in King’s Walk, the rainbow teething necklace is made from BPA free beads are made from the same material that bottles and dummies are made from so are a safe and practical.

Rainbow Silicone Teething Necklace – Handmade Nottingham

From ‘Sostrene Grene’, based in the Victoria Centre, they have three different designs of children’s aprons to chose from. This is a perfect pairing for this present is the toy baking set that is also available from ‘Sostrene Grene’.

Children’s apron | Cotton. 43 x 60 cm. | Søstrene Grene (             

Toy baking set | Pinewood/schima superba/MDF. 15.5 x 18 x 3.5 cm. | Søstrene Grene (

For the teenagers at Christmas, the ‘Watered Garden’  based in Sneinton Market is a great place to browse.

It has plants of all shapes and sizes, suitable for all different budgets.

From Chinese money trees, devils ivy and swiss cheese plants.

William Hughes, who works at the Watered Garden said:

“From a Sustainability point of view, I’d suggest a Terrarium, you get a variety of plants that you can keep for the lifespan of the plants.

“They are easy to look after, they need minimal watering and by just opening the lid of the terrarium it lets the moisture out.”

Build Your Own Terrarium Kits – The Watered Garden

Terrariums for sale at The Watered Garden

All the plants that are bought from the ‘Watered Garden’ come accompanied with a care guide, perfect for first time plant owners.

There are some great sustainable presents on offer for the men in your life too.

‘Shop Zero’ on Friar Lane there are many personal care gift sets for sale, including the Zero waste beard care set.

Zero Waste Beard Care Set – Shop Zero

Another idea is a set of coasters from ‘Handmade’, that have various Nottingham landmarks on it.

Including St Mary’s Church, to the Nottingham Trent Arkwright building, and Nottingham Castle.

Nottingham Letterpress Coaster Set – Handmade Nottingham

Some ideas from eco-friendly brands that would make great presents for women are accessories from ‘Soul and Flare’.

This denim bag was re-styled in ‘Soul and Flare’s’ Nottingham studio, it’s a unique 1 of 1 item made from vintage denim jeans into a long-lasting accessory for the wardrobe.

Eliza Denim Bag – Soul and Flare

The glowing skincare set from ‘Zero Waste’ would be a perfect gift to give a loved one to pamper themselves.

This set includes a natural facial wash and a vegan moisturiser in a glass bottles from Nottingham’s ‘The Zero Waste Maker’.

Glowing Skin Zero Waste gift kit – Shop Zero

Finally for the grandparents, Scented Soy Candles from the Black Acres Soap Pantry, handmade locally in Nottingham.

Their natural scents are beautiful, inspired by nature itself.

A great scent to pick for the festive season is the Warm Apple Crumble Candle.

Warm Apple Crumble Candle – Handmade Nottingham

Another gift set from ‘Zero Waste’ is the kitchen gift set, this would be great for anyone starting out to reduce waste and plastic in the kitchen.

Zero Waste Kitchen Starter gift kit – Shop Zero

These are just some suggestions of ethical ways to give great magical gifts for all the family and how to make the right steps to having a sustainable Christmas.