Stick & Ribbon, Nottingham

The month of festivities has come back round once again, and it is the time of year where the annual office party should be in full swing.

This occasion allows employers to reward their staff with a celebratory end of year party, but there is a disheartened feeling that these parties are a thing of the past.

Around Nottingham, there appears to be a lack of enthusiasm towards the office do as stores across the county haven’t had the interest that that they hoped they would.

Stick & Ribbon owner Sally Longden said: “We haven’t had any customers mention that they are attending a Christmas work party this year.

“The need for it has definitely decreased from previous years and I don’t think covid is the soul reason for this.”

Sustainability has a part to play in this dwindling interest as consumers seem to be far more conscious of being environmentally friendly when it comes to clothing.

Mrs Longden explained: “In particular recycling outfits they have previously worn or the new trend of upcycling.”

The shop has had a recent new delivery of seasonal wear that they are promoting to their customers.

“We’ve had ladies come in for an outfit for Christmas day but other than that there doesn’t seem to be any other interest.”

Christmas stock from Stick & Ribbon

Anna Kondracka, a Nottingham employee argues that these events depend on the relationships you have with fellow peers.

Anna said: “I like the people I work with and we don’t have much time to socialise so throwing a Christmas party makes this possible.

“I do feel as though it is hard to arrange such as these people have their own family and friends to celebrate with and the planning needs a lot of effort so I can see why certain work places don’t go ahead with them.”

Whether you choose to hold an office party with your fellow colleagues this year, it does raise the question whether office parties are a thing of the past.