CCTV footage of an unidentified man stealing a racing cycle
CCTV footage of an unidentified man stealing a racing cycle

Mark Henderson, 38, from Clifton suffered a horrific leg injury four months ago, however, on Wednesday, his rehabilitation racing cycle was stolen from his garden.

Mr Henderson left his Diamondback racer, worth between £200 to £300 outside his front door, only for him to spot being stolen through his Ring Camera at around 7:30pm.

The site engineer purchased the cycle for rehabilitation purposes following a horrific motocross accident when going for a practice spin with his son at Doncaster Moto Parc.

Mr Henderson left his cycle outside the door while he was having a bath and his Ring Camera went off but he could not get outside in time.

He said: “I’m annoyed at myself for leaving it outside. It had sentimental value to me as it supporting me through my three month rehabilitation process.

“Motocross is big part of my life and I’m devastated I cant get back into it any sooner. The cycle was keeping me moving as I can’t run or walk properly. I wasn’t too bad at the time but I am suffering now, rehabilitation is taking forever.”

Mr Henderson has put the footage out on social media in desperate attempt to get it back.

The racing bike was not insured but his friends and family have been supportive trying to recover the racer.

Mr Henderson broke his femur bone in his leg on August 15, 2021, this put a pause to his amateur motocross races and he couldn’t race with his motocross group ‘Track life tv’.

He is currently still on crutches but is now back at work on light loaded duties.

His injury can be seen on this video while riding a motocross track in Nottinghamshire: