From Thursday December 2 until Wednesday December 8, all communities will come together to support those who are grieving, and raise awareness for those who are missing a loved one from their Christmas celebrations.

Grief is the deep sorrow feeling associated with losing someone, and everyone has different coping mechanisms to deal with this loss.

Sheryl Sinfield, a member of the grieving community in Nottingham, said: “I lost my brother in July 2019.

“He fell ill in June and took himself to hospital in which he was told that his illness was terminal.

“I asked the doctors how long I had left with my answer and as you could imagine the response hit me very hard.

“I got the dreaded phone call on July 7, 2019 that he had taken a turn for the worse, I got there as quick as I could, but he passed away at 10:10PM.

“This was heart breaking.”

“I got the dreaded phone call”

Sheryl Sinfield

Coping mechanisms include grief counselling, family and friends socialising, feelings of rage and upset, crying, withdrawal from other people.

This is only a couple of ways people choose to deal, everyone copes in different ways.

Sheryl continued to talk about her way of dealing with the loss of her brother: “I went through every emotion.

“I had grief counselling for 8 weeks which helped, and I also bought myself a book with a Robin on it and I wrote my daily feelings in it, I also wrote to my brother what was happening in life around me.

“Now every time I see a Robin, I know my brother is looking over me.

“I also found that talking to everyone that would listen was very helpful in the process.”

National grief week increases the opportunity for people who have lost someone to share their experience with people in similar positions and support each other.

The Good Grief Trust have created multiple colourful and creative campaign posters that have successfully created awareness for people that are grieving.

The campaign posters have powerful advice in a few words such as: “Just because I’m smiling doesn’t mean I’m not grieving” and “say their name I’m thinking about them anyway” and “there’s no set time for grieving” which has a huge impact on their audience and can viewed on their website.

If you are suffering from grief, you can contact various charities in Nottingham here.