Afternoon shoppers around Victoria Centre on last week's Black Friday.

Shopping in Nottingham looks to have changed forever as customers continued to shop online during Black Friday.

The retail phenomenon, which fell on November 26 this year, is considered one of the busiest days of the year in terms of grabbing those big bargains.

But Black Friday 2021 was not what many shops expected after lockdown prevented in-person shopping during large parts of 2020.

James Walker, customer assistant at JD Sport, said: “It wasn’t that busy, to be honest it was definitely busier pre-Covid.

“2019 was quite busy but 2018 was our busiest year,” he added.

Walker believes this could be because many are still very concerned about coronavirus, but also because online sales seem to be more popular with customers these days.

Jack Beastill, who works in Office, said: “Black Friday was steady; the busiest year was 2018.

“Stock however is an issue all year round not just for Black Friday” he added.

Black Friday shoppers on Clumber Street.

Black Friday was considered “just a normal weekend” by both Walker and Beastill, who have each worked in retail for a while now.

Walker added: “Boxing Day is the one that’s always the busiest.”

The deals on the day have always stolen the show, with places such as PC World cutting prices left, right and centre with big deals on tech.

However, online retail giants such as Amazon mean many customers are now committed to staying in the safety of their own home rather than shopping in person.