Heavy snowfall affecting various parts of the UK (credit: unsplash Daniel Brubaker)

Over the weekend, the whole city of Nottingham and surrounding counties face heavy snowfall on Saturday (November 27).

We are currently heading into some of the coldest nights of the season, with temperatures reaching as low as -3.

The Met Office has put out a weather warning for the snow and wind as there have been numerous reports of extreme weather across the county and bordering counties.

Forecasters say that the public should keep in mind that the roads and railways are most likely to be affected by this, meaning journey times will be delayed.

Roads could also be slippery, causing traffic to slow down.

Some people could not get to work as the ice was blocking the road, making it impossible for people to drive their cars.

Temperatures are said to drop even further starting from December 2.

This may lead to more future heavy snowfall.

The public is asked to take caution when travelling in these freezing conditions.