Greggs' new vegan festive bake on Nottingham's high-street

Greggs has thrilled its plant based followers with the new vegan festive bake making an addition to their meat free range but the reviews are in, and not everyone is praising the bakery’s newest addition.

As of November 22 the pastry has been available in shops nationwide with many rushing to get their hands on one.

Greggs said the triumphant, original festive bake for meat-eaters had ‘grown lonely up there in the spotlight’.

“Taking inspiration from the original seasonal masterpiece, the Vegan Festive Bake has been made from delicious puff pastry, filled with savoury flavour Quorn™ mycoprotein* pieces, sage & onion stuffing balls and vegan bacon crumb, wonderfully finished with a mouth-watering sage & cranberry sauce.”

“Stuffing and gravy in a pastry, you can’t really go wrong.”

Matt Pritchard, vegan café director 

However people have been divided over the cranberry sauce in particular.

Nottingham’s vegan community has produced its own mixed reviews.

Lucy Alderton, 22, a vegan food blogger and Nottingham Trent University student said: “The turkey alternative is a little mushy and it can also be quite cranberry-ee which I know is causing a bit of controversy but I really like it.”

Her friend Freya Barret,22, disagreed saying taking a bite out of the bake was like eating raw sage.



Matt Pritchard, 45, director of Nottingham’s vegan board game café, The Dice Cup, says he’s fond of all sorts of funky food combinations and loved the festive treat.

He said: “Stuffing and gravy in a pastry you can’t really go wrong”

Despite differing opinions, the bake has been hugely popular.

One Greggs’ employee from the shop on Clumber Street said she felt like she was constantly pulling more trays of the bake and that it was never-ending.

Many people struggled to find the festive bake at all with it selling out in many shops.

Greggs had to make the pastry unavailable on Just Eat to the dismay of many.