Tomorrow marks World AIDS Day, in the UK today it's National Mousse Day.

About 1,500 national days are marked each year. Here are two happening this week: 

National Mousse Day (November 30)

Today marks the celebration of National Mousse Day, so why not try something new to celebrate?

The word ‘mousse’ is the French word for ‘foam’ and is essentially easy to make including for beginners.

You can quickly whip up some mousse by whipping up egg whites and cream to create a consistency that can range from airy to thick and rich – this can be used in sweet dishes or your favourite savoury ones.

So whether it be chocolate mousse or savoury mousse, be sure to treat yourself to the delicious treat on this celebratory day.

World Aids Day (December 1)

December 1 marks the day dedicated to spreading awareness about HIV and the prevention of Aids.

Earlier in November, UK health officials gave the UK the green light for a revolutionary treatment for those living with the virus.

Instead of an antiretroviral pill being taken up to four times a day, an injection every two months can be used to stop transmission between partners and keep virus particles low in their bloodstreams.

The goal is to end transmissions of HIV by 2030 whilst continuing to help the lives of the thousands with the virus.

To find out more about World Aids day, visit the website and donate to the National Aids Trust at