Outside The Bead Shop on Market Street.

Last Christmas independent businesses struggled through the Christmas period due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, however these businesses are very hopeful for this year.

Talking to the owner of The Bead shop Nottingham, Robin, he was very optimistic about Christmas period for his business.

With the December Coronavirus restrictions, the shops sales decreased massively because for the governments due to shops being forced to close.

From mid-October, Christmas sales start which is also the bead shops busiest time, and losing business they really struggled to make profit.

Robin, the co-owner of the bead shops, said: “Christmas last year was a disaster for our business”.

Looking forward to this Christmas, He is happy about the new restrictions as the government is trying to stop the spread of this new variant Omicron, which means she can stay open in the busiest time of the Christmas period.

The bead shop has already seen the Christmas rush, with customers buying presents for their loved ones.

The bead shop has always had the mask rule in place so customers can come in without the worry of other customers spreading anything.

Another independent business, ‘Handmade Nottingham’, reciprocates the same worries with this new variant but is cheerful that their sales will increase from last year as their shop won’t be shut like it is like last year.

Handmade Nottingham based on King’s Walk

During covid-19, mainstream businesses did suffer but independent businesses really struggled.

People’s attitudes have changed in terms of shopping at established businesses as they saw how much independent small shops were strained so this year the popularity of shopping at small businesses has increased.