Credit: Marvel

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun with Marvel’s all new festive filled ‘Hawkeye’ that seemingly hits the bullseye.

With Marvel’s new show having only released to Disney+ last week and introducing two episodes, its friendly and easy to understand story has earned a lot of plaudits.

Directed by Rhys Thomas, the show stars Hailee Steinfeld as the young, wannabe superhero Kate Bishop, alongside Jeremy Renner’s famous sharp-shooting Hawkeye.

The introduction to the first episode puts us back into 2012 during the battle of New York, that took place during the first Avengers film.

She asks her mother (Vera Farmiga) for a bow and arrow, after her realisation that her family need protecting.

After Kate’s introduction we welcome Clint Barton (Hawkeye) back into Marvels updated cinematic timeline, in which we see him enjoy some Christmas festivities with his kids in the Big Apple, before sending them back home to their mother where he promises to re-join them in six days.

Episode two contains much less action, but with more of an insight to the chemistry that is shared between Kate and Clint (Hawkeye) and much more story development.

Filled with lots of mentoring and witty jokes, Steinfeld and Renner certainly do a great job at portraying Marvel’s less-serious side, creating moments of pure comedy gold.

For Jeremy Renner, the transition from big screen to small screen certainly brings out his conservative character, which suits his lower energy.

The sequences within the scenes, compliment those qualities, and could make for a very interesting development in his character.

But it’s Steinfeld that takes centre stage with selling the frustrated and awkward teen aspects of Kate, whilst desperately wanting to impress Clint with her versatile skill set.

The action sequences combined with the comedy, great cast, easy to follow plot and festive theme make this a series worth continuing with over the festive period.