Nottingham's famous Christmas market has finally returned!

Nottingham’s Christmas market is back in full force after a disappointing one day opening last year due to Covid-19.

Whilst the market is this year missing its much beloved ice rink and ski lodge-themed pop- up bar ‘Sur Lapiste’, there’s still plenty of entertainment that just can’t be missed!

Here are four attractions to help get you into the Christmas spirit this festive season.

1. Belgian Chocolate Kisses

Chocolate – a timeless last minute gift for those of us bad at Christmas shopping.

Chocolate lovers rejoice, Belgian Chocolate Kisses has your cravings covered with delicious treats that are perfect for yourself or as a gift for someone sweet.

The stalls at Nottingham’s market look like traditional style chalets and this one is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth or taking a break from the many savoury foods on offer.

2. The Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel offers an unforgettable experience, so hopefully you’re not afraid of heights.

The Ferris Wheel takes visitors 33m above the ground and gives a fantastic aerial view of the market and Nottingham’s skyline.

There’s something to be said about the romance associated with Ferris wheels, and for good reason as, paired with some chocolate and a partner, Nottingham’s market feels like the perfect place for a first date.

3. The Carousel

You can’t go far wrong with a classic carousel.

Right in the centre of the action stands a traditional carousel lighting up Old Market Square with its golden lights and the iconic music that’s defined fairs and festivals for years.

Despite being designed for children, a ride on the carousel reminds you that the fun it brings is timeless and for all ages.

4. The Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is truly a spectacle to behold.

The 60ft Christmas tree that stands guard outside the Council House is once again the focal point of the Christmas market.

Dwarfing the stalls in size, the lights sparkle and breathe a much-needed boost of vibrancy and festive spirit, following a Christmas spent in lockdown.

Look no further than Nottingham this year for a perfect evening out that will get you and your loved ones back into the festive swing of things!