Luton Town Football Club warming up at the City ground against Nottingham Forest on Tuesday November 23rd

Campaigners took the spotlight at the City Ground fighting for staff to be paid the National Living Wage.

Nottingham Citizens stepped up its campaign outside Nottingham Forest’s City Ground demanding CEO Dane Murphy pay his staff the Real Living Wage.

Campaigner Pete Rogers attended the game against Luton Town which took place on Tuesday 23 November asking passers-by a simple question: “Which out of these clubs pay their staff the Real Living Wage and not the National Minimum Wage?”. The campaigners also asked this online where the results show that only 34 per cent of people knew the correct answer – Luton.

Luton are the only club in the championship to pay the full living wage, despite having some of the less wealthy owners in the Championship.

In a Tweet, Gary Sweet, Luton Town chief executive said: “We hope that…other teams, especially those further up the football pyramid…will follow suit.”

The Bedfordshire club were the first club to pay their staff the Real Living Wage in December 2014.

Nottingham Citizens have pushed this campaign previously. On October 11th campaigners presented Murphy with a letter stating his “decision will help to lift people you employ out of poverty”. This letter was signed by all three local MPs: Nadia Whittome, Alex Norris and Lilian Greenwood; showing their support towards the campaign.

The Real Living Wage is “the only rate calculated based on what people need to live on”. It currently stands at £9.50 (UK) and £10.85 (London). Since the start of the pandemic over 3,000 businesses signed up, including Everton.

After Murphy, who was appointed CEO of Nottingham Forest in July, spoke about unity, “all the way through the front office and everyone involved in the club – unity… really drives a club in the right direction.” Campaigners argued his actions have not met his words.

Murphy has refused to meet the campaigners to discuss their concerns creating disappointment amongst the group.

“We feel disrespect that he chose not to come and hear our cause.”

CBJ News has approached the club for comment but is awaiting a response.