Woodthorpe park sells Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes

Woodthorpe Park has once again opened its Christmas market with a wide variety of Christmas trees available for purchase.

Many households tend to opt for fake trees sold at most major retailers rather than the real thing.

The sustainability of real Christmas trees is questionable due to the amount of deforestation it requires.

Woodthorpe Park have tried to combat this with some new ideas to try and be environmentally friendly.

“There is still substantial demand for real Christmas trees based on our sales numbers.” Nora Szerenyi

Nora Szerenyi, member of the Woodthorpe Park staff, spoke about how the park is trying to be more sustainable.

Mrs Szerenyi said: “We are so proud to work with a locally based Christmas tree grower who share the same passion for sustainability as we do.”

“We understand the importance of doing all we can to reduce our carbon footprint so we want you to know your tree has travelled just a short distance to get to our shop.”

“Our wonderful Christmas Tree grower plants a new tree for every tree they sell to us.”

“They own over 1 million Christmas trees; that’s 350 acres of lungs, filtering up to 22 million kg of CO2 from the atmosphere every year.”

Woodthorpe offer to come and collect your tree once Christmas is over for £5.

The park will then convert the trees into chippings that will be used in local parks.

Every tree purchased at the market also comes in biodegradable netting.

Woodthorpe’s Christmas market is open on weekends from from 10am until 4pm from 27th November until 19th December.

More information can be found here https://www.visit-nottinghamshire.co.uk/whats-on/woodthorpe-christmas-weekends-p670091