West Bridgford trick or treaters will be encouraged to decorate doorways to minimise contact and maximise fun for the kids

Children and parents are being encouraged to take part in a contactless trick or treat to celebrate Halloween whilst reducing the risk of spreading coronavirus.

Residents will decorate their doorsteps with spook-tacular displays on Sunday, October 31 allowing children and treat givers to celebrate the ghoulish holiday safely.

County councillor of West Bridgford North Penny Gowland put the idea forth to locals on the ‘West Bridgford Community’ Facebook page on Thursday, October 7.

Activities such as window word searches and pumpkin spotting are only a couple of non-traditional ideas that Nottingham parents have decided to adopt to ensure Halloween is still packed with fun for the kids.

West Bridgford resident and Mother, Sophie Young, 29 said: “Since there was no knocking last year people made a bit more of an effort decoration wise which was really nice for my three-year-old.

“I would take last year’s set up over door knocking anyday!”

With 40,701 new coronavirus cases being reported today, and the winter months fastly approaching, many elderly and vulnerable West Bridgford residents remain apprehensive about resuming to normality.

Mother of two, Gemma Hornsby-Moore, 45 said: “The children do miss the idea of normal trick or treating again this year.

“However, I totally understand people being nervous about it.”

Having had previous negative Halloween experiences some residents have decided to opt out of the celebrations all together, regardless of coronavirus concerns.

Caroline Crew said: “A few years ago now we had youths throw eggs at the front of our house, we were in the back with all the lights off in the front, it was a nightmare to get off.

“It’s just not for me and I’d prefer not to have lots of people at the door begging for treats, we respectfully let people know that we won’t be participating.”

Whether it’s due to fears of coronavirus or personal opinions of Halloween, the holiday doesn’t appear to be everyone’s cup of tea in West Bridgford.

Gemma added: “We only ever visit houses with decorations or a pumpkin outside, it’s an unwritten rule!”