IMAGE: Andrew Willey and his family enjoying the Christmas festivities

On Friday 8th November 2019, the Central London market opened for the first time. It features 34 wooden chalets which are festively decorated and a great place to look around in time for Christmas.

The market has a variety of stalls from hand-crafted gifts to mulled wine and cider.

It opened three days after the annual switch on of the Christmas tree which sits in the centre of Trafalgar Square.

The tree has been donated every year, since 1948, by the people of Norway which is their way of saying thank you for help received during World War II.

Tony Bonnici, press officer at Westminister City Council explained that: “This is the first time the council has received a proposal for a Christmas market at this location.”

The market is on the North Terrace of Trafalgar Square and is open every day, apart from Christmas Day, until the beginning of the New Year.

IMAGE: Trafalgar Square’s Christmas market

‘Mister Churros’ is one of the food stalls at the market and employee, Mantrydas Vandzinskas, described that the market has been a great success for business and said: “The market has had some very nice people and it’s an interesting area.”

“The service is very good and we should do more of this in the country.”
Andrew Willey

Speaking to one family visiting the market, Andrew Willey described his initial thoughts: “The service is very good and we should do more of this in the country.”

Get an insight into the market here:

Mr Bonnici also explained that: “The market has planning permission for a three-year period and will be assessed year on year.”

He also stated that the methods for checking the safety of the market are the same group who are used for all major events in London – Licensing, Operational Safety Planning Group (LOSPG).

As Mr. Willey and his family drank the festive drinks that they had brought from the bar in the centre of the market, he said: “We don’t mind paying extra money because of the location, as long as drinks are good quality which they are.”

When: Friday 8th November 2019 – Sunday 5th January 2020 (10am-10pm)

Where: Trafalgar Square, London

Entry price: Free