'Paper Dolls' by Lisa Bradley and 'Women of Steel' by Michelle Rawlins. Credit: Lisa Bradley, michellerawlins.co.uk

Two Sheffield University teachers who have experienced publishing this year are authors: Lisa Bradley, 42 and Michelle Rawlins, 46.

Neither women could do book launches but Michelle has found new ways to interact with her readers, through signing books on her doorstep.

Michelle Rawlins, author of ‘Women of Steel’. Credit: michellerawlins.co.uk

Her book, ‘Women of Steel’, was published in June and it explores the women of WWII, who kept Sheffield’s steel industry going.

Lisa, from Yorkshire, had her debut novel, ‘Paper Dolls’, published in August and it explores the way two cases of missing children are treated, in accordance with their background.

Lisa Bradley with her first novel. Credit: sheffield.ac.uk

Both women have had a very positive outlook on their publications, despite the struggles that have been thrown at them this year.

Lisa has another book coming out next year called ‘The Lesson’ and Michelle is hoping to publish ‘Steel Girls’ next year too.