Emma Customs customised Air Force (left) Eventsly Ltd Graduation package (right)

Believe it or not, on October 6th Instagram turned 10! Newly found businesses, Emma Customs and Eventsly Ltd are helping us look into why Instagram is now the go-to place to start an online business.

Statistics from Hootsuite, the leading social media management platform used by 80% of Fortune 1000 businesses, shows that 200 million Instagram users will visit at least one business profile daily.

Emma Cullingford, marketing student at the University of Liverpool was one of the many people who used her time this year to set up her business, Emma Customs, which specialises in the customisation of trainers.

“Instagram is a brilliant platform to not only sell but create an engaged community of followers” says Emma.

She describes Instagram as “the perfect place” to showcase her brand because she gets to make it personal and show her personality with more and more people looking to “buy into the person behind the brand, not just simply purchase the products.”

“Consistent posting is key in growing your audience”
Emma Cullingford, Emma Customs

Starting an Instagram business can be daunting but Emma says that showing her personality is what has helped her to build a strong and engaged community.

The Liverpool and London based business was set up during the peak of lockdown and by August Emma had hit 2,000 followers.

“Consistent posting is key in growing your audience” she advises.

“I know everyone seems to say it, but first of all, just do it! Everything you do is another opportunity to share your business with potential new customers.”

Emma Customs personalised Air Force (image supplied by Emma Customs)

University friends Martanatha, Amy and Gloria also set up their Instagram business right before COVID hit.

Eventsly Ltd is a London based event planning business who focus on “organising events that create unforgettable experiences.”

The girls say they have witnessed “how other businesses have flourished through the amazing community on Instagram” and say that their own research found that Instagram was “one of the best places to market your brand online and gain a loyal following.”

Eventsly virtual graduation package (Image supplied by Eventsly Ltd)

The coronavirus outbreak restricted the girls at Eventsly, like it did with many other businesses in the events industry, but it also pushed their creativity.

“We’re coming up with new ideas almost each week outside of traditional events decor.”

Eventsly’s Instagram page includes a virtual graduation highlight showcasing the personalised graduation packages they created and provided to a large youth empowerment organisation called 2020 Change.