Hetvi Parekh organised the fundraiser after hearing about the devastating impact Covid-19 is having on her native country.

A Nottinghamshire mum has raised more than £2,500 to help feed struggling families in India.

Hetvi Parekh began her campaign on Thursday, April 29, in collaboration with Life Save Foundation, a charity currently working in India to ensure that food supplies are reaching families in need, and set an initial goal of £1,200.

Within a matter of days, she has beaten this target and already received £2,600 in donations, more than enough to feed over 200 impoverished families with dry ration kits.

Mrs Parekh, from Edwalton, said: “Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. In the same manner, little acts of kindness make a massive difference in people’s lives.

“Two hundred families will be fed for a month and that’s a huge, huge difference. Food is something which is fundamental to existence and it’s a basic need.

“I am so happy that 200 families will survive in this difficult time because of people’s kindness in the UK.”

The donations will be used by Life Save Foundation to provide families in need with dry ration kits.

The social worker says she was inspired to set up the fundraiser on GoFundMe as her hometown is Mumbai, and she regularly receives updates from her family about the horrific battle the country is facing against the current coronavirus crisis there.

A day after Mrs Parekh announced her fundraiser on social media, India recorded more than 400,000 new cases.

If you would like to donate, visit her GoFundMe page.