Nottingham’s yellow Wind Mobility e-scooters have been operating as part of a 12-month trial in the city since October 27, 2020.

People working and living in the city can hire an e-scooter for a fee using an app.

In the first six months, the e-scooters have covered more than 230,00 rides and has over 16,000 registered users.

On average, each e-scooter is used between five or six times a day.

The yellow e-scooters are limited to 15 mph but feel surprisingly quick which raises issues concerning safety.

The scooters come equipped with a bell, horn, and a headlight that can be flashed making them safe to drive if visibility is poor.

Catherine McKeown, 19,  a student from the University of Nottingham said: “I do feel safe on them but usually because I use them at night and not during busy traffic times.

I think they would be great as a permanent part of Nottingham not only because they are super enjoyable but it’s easy to use and good for getting you to uni or into town.

I also think they’re environmentally friendly.”

The innovative scheme that Nottingham City Council backed the introduction of the e-scooters to get more people outside as they scooters are a fun, new and greener travel option.

It may even lead to residents leaving their car parked at home for short trips and should improve air quality.

Catherine McKeown also said: “They’re definitely good value for money, I’d pay more than what they currently charge.”

The e-scooters are pay as you go and is only 12p per minute.

One of the schemes introduced is where key workers can hire an e-scooter at a discounted rate of £30 per month.

However despite their popularity, scooters are abandoned outside of dedicated parking bays and people with disabilities raise concerns over their use and access to the pavement.

The e-scooters that are badly parked or dumped also cause issues for those who are blind of partially sighted.

Nottingham city council says it is looking at various ways to prevent inconsiderate or illegal use, including fining the offenders and suspending accounts.

Colin Griffiths in the Nottingham UK Community Group said: “I saw a wind e-scooter dumped in Bulwell bogs river this morning.”

Another issue is that to hire an e-scooter you mist be 16-years-old and hold at least a provisional driving licence.

However people younger than this have been caught riding on the scooters and there has already been an e-scooter rider caught over the drink-drive limit.

Many forget the e-scooters are a motorised vehicle and have all the same implications of travelling in a car.