A young clean champion out on a litter pick in Nottingham.

Nottingham’s clean champions volunteer scheme now has over 2000 participants, consisting of children and adults, who are helping to clean up their neighbourhood.

Volunteers take part in litter picks, reporting any rubbish or fly tips and much more to keep their area litter free.

Cleaners keep their community updated through social media accounts.

On Instagram (@nottinghamcleanchampions) they have shared many images of their volunteers and regularly post questions and information concerning their mission.

The litter issue has become more apparent following the ease of COVID-19 rules from April 12, allowing groups of 6 to meet in parks.

Parks such as the Arboretum and Forest Recreation Ground were both areas left covered in rubbish after inconsiderate groups left behind their bottles, food wrappers and other litter.

Nora Szerenyi, digital media marketing intern for Parks and Open Spaces Nottingham City Council, said: “The scheme has been growing exponentially since the pandemic.

“People are more aware of their surroundings and do litter-picking as their daily exercise.”

Nora explains that there are certain ‘hotspots’ for clean champions such as Sherwood and Clifton and goes on to say these areas are where the change is most obvious.

Many bags of rubbish that have been collected by the clean champions of Nottingham.

She added: “In my opinion the aim of the programme is to make people of Nottingham more conscious of littering.

“The more people volunteering is the more examples set which then leads to less people littering.”

The litter-picking journey rewards people with satisfaction and members also describe their experience as ‘addictive’ and fulfilling Nora tells us.

Finally, she added: “It helps people in their area knowing that they are not alone in caring for their environment.

“A cleaner environment means happier people.”

Every year the clean champions come together and hold a celebration at the Council House.