McDonald's has had a change in opening hours approved (Credit: Pete Trifunovic)

Nottingham City Council has approved a change in opening hours for the McDonald’s Victoria Centre site.

The restaurant, a popular eaterie among students for its late closing time, will limit its opening hours for walk-in customers.

The restaurant will remain open beyond 2 am until 5 am for delivery services such as Deliveroo and JustEat only.

The general public, however, will not be able to walk in and order food after 11 pm.

Councillor Toby Neal, chairman of the licensing panel, said reducing hours for the general public was a “welcomed” proposal in addition to their request for extended delivery time slots.

Jerry Nicholls, the owner of the Blades Restaurants company which operates McDonald’s in Nottingham, added: “With this change, I propose that I will change how we operate this restaurant as we will only trade for delivery overnight.

“There is a large seating area outside the restaurant. If I close to only the delivery drivers, I will be able to better manage the area outside.”

It is not yet known when the new opening hours will come into force.

(Lead Image: Pete Trifunovic)