The heart of Nottingham - Old Market Square

Would you believe me if I told you that Nottingham was originally known as ‘Snotingeham’?

Yes, it’s true.

The name that amuses us all today translates in the Anglo-Saxon times to ‘the village belonging to Snotta’.

Luckily, the name evolved along with the city.

Nottingham is a city filled with history, and in light of May being Local and Community History Month, we are sharing a few of the hotspots to visit.

Robin Hood

The Robin Hood statue situated outside of Nottingham Castle

Undoubtably, there’s one thing that immediately comes to mind whenever Nottingham is mentioned – Robin Hood.

Nottingham’s very own hero; the one who stole from the rich to give to the poor.

The classic tale is known worldwide and is over 138 years old and Nottingham is lucky enough to be known as the character’s home.

This is embraced all throughout the county with many landmarks including the famous Robin Hood Statue that stands outside Nottingham Castle, St Mary’s Church in Edwinstowe, where Robin Hood and Maid Marian were allegedly married, and Sherwood Forest, his home.

City of Caves

One of the 500 caves found in Nottingham

It is no secret that Nottingham is extremely well known for its caves.

The city has the most man-made caves in Britain with over 500 dating back to the Dark Ages; they have even gained Ancient Monument Protection.

The place used to be known as Tiggau Cabaucc (‘Place of Caves’), and was used as housing as early as the 11th Century.

To this day, archaeologists are still investigating the tunnels to see where they lead.

Tours around the City of Caves will be available again from May 21, where you can discover the history behind the sandstone structures.

Wollaton Hall 

Wollaton Hall and deer park
Wollaton Halla and deer park

If you’re a big fan of a certain superhero in a black mask and a cape then you’ll immediately recognise Wollaton Hall, or as you’ll know it by, Wayne Manor.

The famous Elizabethan structure made its famous debut in The Dark Knight Rises, however, there is so much more that lies behind the building.

Built in the 1580s for Sir Francis Willoughby, it has been creating history for centuries.

It became home to Nottingham’s Natural History Museum in 1926 and has been educating visitors since on everything from birds and insects to minerals and fossils.

Not forgetting about that Industrial Museum that can also be found inside.

When exploring the grounds that surround it, you may spot the elegant deers that have roamed the park since the 14th Century.

As if we thought it couldn’t get any better…

From July 2021, Wollaton Hall is showcasing the first real Tyrannosaurus Rex to be displayed in England for over a century.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem


The historical interior of Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

Believed to be one of the oldest Inns in England, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is definitely a place to add to bucket-list.

Dating all the way back to 1889, the building can be found leaning against Nottingham Castle.

The pub is attached to several sandstone caves constructing a beautiful and extraordinary interior, creating a dining experience like you’ve never had before.

The outside is as beautiful as the inside, with elegant white bricks and a traditional window style giving that historic feel.

With being a Greene King Pub, the menu consists of all the pub classics as well as your favourite beers and ales.

Old Market Square 

Water feature at Old Market Square

Old Market Square is at the heart of the city.

The area used to be centre-point between the Norman town of Nottingham and the old Anglo-Saxon town, so it became a major market point.

It was the original location of the famous Nottingham Goose Fair, which began over 700 years ago, now held at Forest Recreation Ground.

The well-known chimes that are heard all over city are played from the Nottingham’s Council House, situated in Old Market Square.

It is now a great meeting point for visitors, with stunning water features, plenty of places to sit and surrounded on all sides by many restaurants and retail to keep you entertained.