Darth Vader visits Strelley Library, Nottingham Image credit: Nottingham Library

The day all Star Wars fans have been waiting for – May the fourth – is being celebrated by Nottingham libraries as they receive a visit from Darth Vader.

Darth Vader paid an unannounced visit to Strelley Library where the library’s assistant Shelley was very startled by the Sith Lord.

Laura Iremonger, an organiser behind the celebrations said: “It’s been a difficult year due to Covid and we wanted to create a light-hearted piece to celebrate something that means so much to many people, including lots of the library workforce.

“Darth is from a planet called Mustafar, of course – only joking!

“It’s actually one of our members of staff, Josh, who played the part.

“A super fan of the franchise himself.

“The celebrations are aimed at people of all ages.

“We’re taking the opportunity to not only showcase Strelley Road Library but to highlight the range of Star Wars books and graphic novels that can be borrowed from Nottingham City Libraries.”

Fans who are wanting to celebrate the day can find more on the Nottingham City libraries website.

This includes a dedicated library catalogue for graphic novels and books that Star Wars fan can expand their knowledge outside the movies.

Isaac Howman, 20, a dedicated Star Wars fan and Nottingham resident said: “I think the video that Strelley library did was a really cool idea to celebrate today.

“Today is the one day of the year fans can celebrate the films, so the more the library does in celebration, the greater it is to see!”

There is further information on Luke Skywalker’s journey through time, Captain Phasma in his own graphic novel and also Star Wars coding projects to try and grapple with.

So, to all the Star Wars fans out there, May the fourth be with you.