Girlguiding UK badge

Girlguiding UK celebrates it’s 111th birthday on May 31st and whilst celebrations will be limited this year members are still finding ways to pay tributes to the legacy that guiding has had.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions all 18 of the local units that stretch across Nottingham were forced to close for a year but hope was reinstated as rules were relaxed and meetings began taking hold again on April 12th.

Over the last 12 months zoom meetings were introduced to replace the regular meetings and acted as a brilliant way to keep guiding going strong whilst keeping the girls connected helping to reinforce the idea of a community.

Louise Carter, a mother of a Brownie from the Hemlock Castle unit said: “It was refreshing for my daughter to have a virtual call that involved fun and crafts rather than just her schoolwork as it helped to ensure that she had enjoyment and activities put into her week.

“Credit needs to be paid to the leaders for maintaining an engaging online programme, now meetings have resumed the freedom of getting involved and being able to see their friends face to face made us both excited and grateful for organisations such as these.”

Several of the Nottingham groups are celebrating Girlguiding legacy at the end of the month by throwing a birthday party in honour with party food and a birthday cake whilst learning about the history of guiding and the importance of being part of an organisation.

Supporting leader at the 5th Beeston Brownies discusses how challenging online calls have been.

She said: “It was hard at times to make the online calls as exciting as our regular meetings as we would play games or make crafts therefore we had to ensure that the meetings were accessible to all based on what materials people will have at home.”

Several local residents have strong connections to this leading charity and value its importance but numbers are falling as one volunteer quotes: “In sense of guiding as a whole there has been a decrease in numbers across the country including a lack of volunteers and lockdown hasn’t helped this as guiding is massively underappreciated and needs to be spoken about more.”

Guiding plays such a huge role in shaping young girls into women teaching them invaluable skills that they wouldn’t gain elsewhere.

Recognition needs to be paid to the volunteers that make these things happen especially over the pandemic where they helped to give young girls some normality and positivity into lives during these tough times.

If you know someone who would be interested in joining one of the 18 local units in Nottingham or would like to become a volunteer then register your interest at