Tracy Neale is seen blocking Sherwood street, protesting for significant change to protect the environment

Extinction rebellion protesters obstructed the streets of Nottingham on Saturday May 1, officially two years since the government declared a climate crisis in the UK.

Despite this declaration, environmentalists across the country are yet to see any significant actions taken by the government.

Protesters sat on Sherwood street, Wheeler Gate and Woodthorpe Drive blocking traffic and wearing signs.

One sign, read ‘I’m terrified by the horrors that my son will have to endure because of the climate crisis’.

Over 100 people across the country took part in the ‘Rebellion Of One’ protests.

President of the Extinction Rebellion society at Nottingham Trent University, Emma Bullman, 22 said: “People choose to protest in this way, even though it’s obstructive, out of fear and anxiety over how the governments aren’t at all acting fast enough.

“I think desperate deeds call for desperate measures.”

Protesters are urging Nottingham County Council to declare a climate emergency alongside cutting out use of fossil fuels and incinerators.

The council are also being urged to join the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, which if passed, will lawfully protect nature, hold government to account and set up a legally binding Citizens Assemblies to tackle climate change.

Picture Framer, Tracy Neale, 60, wore a sign titled ‘I am terrified for my children because of the climate crisis’.

Tracy said: “I regret the need to interrupt ordinary people’s lives but I was trying to say that if putting my body in the road is what it takes, however scary that is, I will do it because what is coming down the road in the climate emergency is so much more terrifying.

She was later arrested after blocking Sherwood street for 20 minutes.

Tracy added: “The police were respectful, they explained they would allow my right to protest for 20 minutes and that their role was to manage the traffic and keep me safe for which I am grateful.

“At the end of that time I was arrested and held in a police station cell for the rest of the day until they believed the protest was over.

“The outcome is not yet clear.”

Nottingham MP’s Nadia Whitmore, Alex Morris and Lilian Greenwood were all pictured showing public support for the CEE Bill in September of last year as they joined Extinction Rebellion protesters outside of parliament.