Homemade crepe style pancakes topped with syrup and blueberries

Seeing as everyone is stuck at home this pancake day, there’s no better time to make the most of it. Nottingham’s favourite pancake parlours have shared interesting and delicious topping ideas to level up your pancakes.

If you’ve got kids, why not dedicate the whole day to coming up with marvellous creations? Here’s a look at how you can produce sweet and savoury pancakes you can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cheeky Pancakes

Mini dutch pancakes, known as Poffertjes. Image credit: Instagram @cheeky.pancakes

Cheeky Pancakes recommends using buckwheat in your batter, which is “good to use as it is nutritious and gluten free.”

“Our Pofferttjes are super tasty and quite good for you if – you don’t cover them in chocolate and caramel!”

Cheeky Pancakes are all about loading them up with sweet toppings, with their top choices being Biscoff and Nutella, strawberries and cream, and blueberries and maple syrup.

The Pudding Pantry

Sweet vs savoury pancakes. Image credit: Instagram @thepuddingpantry

The Pudding Pantry are advocates for thick, American style pancakes.

“We like ours topped with melted white chocolate, raspberries, honeycomb and raspberry coulis.”

This year the chefs are getting creative with their flavours by offering a hoisin duck special.

“For savoury alternatives, firm favourites include poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, buttermilk chicken and maple, and bacon and maple syrup.”

You can grab one of their pancake boxes with all the ingredients you need to make them at home with the toppings to go with it on their website.

Annie’s Burger Shack 

Annie’s classic pancakes, smothered in chocolate sauce. Image credit: Instagram @anniesburgershacknotts

Although Annie’s Burger Shack is best known for its glorious and whacky burger creations, they also have a list of traditional, vegan and veggie pancake options on their menu.

Whilst the restaurant remains shut, they are encouraging people to give their special breakfast a go at home – “It’s very tasty – caramel apple pancake which is topped with cinnamon, apple pieces, and creamy caramel.”

The team at Annie’s recommend you serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Copper City

Caramelised peach pancakes. Image credit: Instagram @copper_city

“We stack our pancakes nice and high for more effect, caramelise bananas and throw some nuts over it. Little micro herbs can give it a real nice lemon aroma.”

If you’re feeling a bit more fancy and daring with ingredients, then these are definitely the toppings for you.

You can also get creative in the way you present your pancakes: why not whack out your best crockery and enjoy restaurant style pancakes at home. It’s not like we can go out this Shrove Tuesday, so bring the dining-in experience to your dining table.

By Molly Cross