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Thanks to Covid-19, we’re stuck in a world that limits us in what we can do. With many people living in close proximity to all members of a household with little opportunity to escape, emotions are heightened. Here are some ways to de stress your mind and give yourself a little TLC. 

Moving your body is proven to improve mental health and help you sleep better. Give yourself a break off work and a change of scenery by picking a walking route. You could even push the boat out and start the couch to 5k run. Though it may sound daunting, there are many apps you can download that help you reach the 5k slowly. 

Both walking and running are brilliant ways to boost your mood – even if you don’t feel like getting out, you won’t regret it when you do, make it part of your daily routine.

Another way to clear your mind is through reading. Look out for recommendations from friends or google your favourite genre and pick out a book you’d like. There’s so many great books surrounding the topic of mental health at the moment and by reading them you take on a new perspective of life. Reading is a valued way to escape whilst stuck inside and can really help with a cluttered mind.

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The next best thing to books are definitely podcasts. During the pandemic they have grown in popularity and you can now find podcasts for almost any topic you could imagine. Louis Theroux created his new podcast with BBC during lockdown. It’s called Grounded and he interviews a wide range of celebrities on their lives, careers and so on. It is brilliant entertainment for when you want some down time or even when you’re on a walk.

If you feel like doing something a bit more practical, baking can be a therapeutic activity and can involve more the whole house. Bake yourself some cookies, brownies or cupcakes and they will undoubtedly lift your mood – especially after you’ve put the effort in to making them delicious. If you want to make it into a competition, organise an at home bake off with your household!

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Another way to de-stress is to try meditation. Netflix have now added a meditation series by the app, ‘headspace’ to their collection. It is aimed at beginners and goes into the history of meditation as well as giving you the chance to take part in it at the end of each episode. The narrators voice is extremely calming and the act of meditation helps your mind to de-stress and focus more.

Take this month to give yourself some extra love and self-care and try out each of these activities to see which one you most enjoy.

By Ellie Dennehy