Unhealthy food suggestions to give up for lent

Lent is known for being a religious observance and usually involves giving up a common ‘luxury’ item for the 6 weeks leading up to Easter. Whether you’re a Christian or just want to test your will-power, here are some suggestions on what you can give up to feel the health benefits on the flip side.

Lent begins on February 17 and ends on April 1 so there’s still plenty of time for you to decide on what to give up or if you want to participate.

Takeaways and Fast Food 

Try alternatives to ordering this February

Everyone loves the convenience and taste of a takeaway, especially on a weekend. But why not cut them out completely for 40 days?

Make yourself a ‘fakeaway’ alternative. Image credit: Instagram @food_at_uni

If you struggle to find alternatives, why not cook ‘fakeaways’? You can find easy recipes online and they taste basically the same and work as a healthier option! From Nando’s to KFC, you can replicate all your favourites.

Sweet treats 

It’s time to wave goodbye to sweat treats… for now

Most people are guilty for having a sweet tooth.

Lent is the perfect opportunity to see if you can battle against your cravings and resist having those confectionary treats.

Instead of giving up all things sweet it’s a lot easier to just get rid of one thing. Biscuits, cakes, or chocolate bars. Figure out what your kryptonite is and cut it out. Just cutting out one of these categories will make you feel a lot healthier when it comes to the end of lent.


Give up alcoholic drinks this lent

If you missed out on the opportunity to participate in Dry Jan, lent provides you with an alternative.

Cutting out alcohol will perhaps be a lot easier this year as pubs and hospitalities are remaining shut. There are plenty of non-alcoholic alternatives if you start craving the tang of an alcoholic beverage!

Just think of the big glass of wine you can reward yourself with come Easter time.


Alternatively, you don’t have to give up any food or drink if you don’t want to. Why not instead try and break a bad habit or get rid of something which is obstructing your daily routine?

Going to bed late

Get rid of those late nights

Having a solid nights sleep is essential for a long and healthy life.

Making sure you get to bed at a reasonable time can have a big impact on your energy levels for the next day.

You don’t necessarily have to ‘give up’ having lie-ins or going to bed past 12am. Setting yourself an alarm for the morning or giving yourself a bed time can get you into a better sleeping routine and by Easter you’ll really feel the benefits of having a good nights sleep, both mentally and physically.

By Molly Cross