Residents in Lenton are not happy with their neighbour. Image credit: Grace Cresswell

Residents on a Nottingham street claim they are ‘absolutely terrified’ after a woman has been causing havoc in Lenton.

Kimbolton Avenue in Lenton has been targeted by a lady who according to neighbours, is carrying out anti-social behaviour.

People on the street have reported sights of her trying to break into people’s houses, cars and that she has shouted through their mailboxes. 

The incident has been reported to the police but the residents are yet to have the issue resolved. 

Reese Golding, 21, said: “We are absolutely terrified. 

“She ran through a garden and we have it on CCTV.

“It’s been going on noticeably for about a month or so now.

“She has knocked on my window late at night to give me a fright and then run off.”

People on the street posted to the Buy/Sell Nottingham Facebook page to highlight the problems. 

The posts have attracted lots of likes and comments of people pushing the residents to contact the police. 

Reese added: “We reported it to the police and apparently they have spoken to her but said there was nothing they could do even after seeing the damage she did to a wall in the garden.

“The girl next door lives by herself and didn’t feel safe being by herself so she came to our house.”

The residents on the streets have even started a Kimbolton Avenue group chat to help everyone feel safer.

The group notifies one another when she is roaming the street or causing problems. 

Poppy Wheeler, 21, claimed: “She kept trying the boot of my car.

“It makes me feel unsafe.

“She has tried the handle of our front door and it’s more scary for me as I’m in the downstairs room at the front of the house.”

A complaint was made to the police 11/01/2021 but the behaviour is still continuing daily.

Residents are frustrated with the police response as nothing has changed. 

Poppy added: “I don’t think enough is being done. 

She needs serious help and I feel sorry for her.”

A Nottinghamshire Police spokesperson said they were aware of the case but refused to release further details. 

Written by Ellie Danemann