Online tuition lesson taking place, Credit: Pexels

With exams being swapped for internal assessments and schools not set to reopen anytime soon, parents are taking their children’s education into their own hands.

The current national lockdown restrictions mean schools are closed to pupils, with the exception of vulnerable children and those of key workers.

This has left schools teaching students online, but many parents feel this is not enough and have hired a private tutor.

With prices starting from £15 per hour, this can quickly add up, especially when parents have more than one child and depending on how many hours they request each week.

Norwell mum, Dawn Wilson, 55, decided to take matters into her own hands and hire a private tutor via Tutorful after her daughters school was unable to offer the necessary support.

She said: “Once we realised that Izzi was struggling we contacted her school to make them aware and to see what extra support is available.”

“Most teachers have simply advised her to go over the lesson again or to use google which is not much help when you feel you’ve reached a brick wall like Izzi feels she has.

She added: “I am hoping that by hiring a tutor it will enable Izzi to work at her own pace by addressing specific areas where she is struggling which will in turn help her believe in herself again.

“I also feel that having 1:1 tutoring may help Izzi to build a relationship with someone she feels comfortable enough to ask questions and say when she doesn’t understand something without the fear of being judged by her classmates.”

Another Nottinghamshire mum chose to hire a private tutor at the beginning of lockdown to help her children’s education with online one to one lessons.

The mother of three has said: “I definitely think that despite how challenging it is for schools throughout the pandemic, they could be doing more still to support students.

Throughout the first lockdown her eldest son was preparing for his GCSE’s and she felt he had no support or contact from his school, whilst her other sons received a minimal amount of work which seemed to lack structure.

She added: “I thought it would be beneficial to have a tutor throughout this lockdown so that my youngest son can have some specific interactive teaching rather than just being set general work and not having an opportunity to have support on particular areas he may be struggling with.

“I also think having a tutor provides some extra structure to my child’s week and also interaction with someone outside of the home.”

Tutors have noticed that more parents are wanting tutors to make sure their child does not fall behind with schools being closed, rather than to help them catch up in a specific subject.

Barbara Pellegrino is the owner of Pellegrino Tuition, has been a private tutor in Nottingham for a number of years.

She said: “I think who’s looking for tuition has changed slightly, usually I get more enquiries from people who struggle in school, while since the start of the pandemic I’ve been getting students who are doing well in school but worry about missing months of education.

“Before the pandemic I was doing at home appointments but with all lessons now being online I don’t have to commute anywhere and so I can fit more students in.”

By Laycie Beck